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  • Dr Warryn Strife

    An eccentric gnome artificer with dual doctorates in Theoretical Mechanics and the Etheric Sciences, he runs the Arcturus M Stumenyme Laboratory for Advancement of New Technologies (which has unfortunately been nicknamed “Disaster Labs” by the townsfolk) …

  • Lt. Morgana Charmeron

    One of the most decorated female officers in the military, she was retired from active duty due to mostly honourable circumstances. She now works with her old friend Warryn, field-testing his inventions to gauge their military applications.

  • Ickthorpe the Stabby

    A kobold thief who broke into Disaster Labs one night in search of valuables, who instead found himself faced with the possibilities of death, arrest, or experimentation. Lieutenant Charmeron had a change of heart, however, and offered the little kobold a …

  • Clive Barkus

    Not a whole lot is known about Clive yet. He's got a big rifle, and knows how to use it.

  • Gate

    A warforged with a peculiar connection to natural energies, and the ability to change shape into various beasts made of wood and metal. Clive found it dormant in the woods, and Dr Strife set about reactivating it. Gate now helps with various tasks around …

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