In a world where science and sorcery have grown side-by-side, one institution near the outskirts of the bustling hamlet of Smithlethwaite stands as a proud bastion of progress: the Arcturus M. Stumenyme Laboratory for Advancement of New Technologies, headed by Dr Warryn Strife (dual PhD in Theoretical Mechanics and The Etheric Sciences).

Located in a handsome four-storey boardinghouse, it is better known to the townsfolk by the nickname nailed to a tree out front:


In between experiments (and explosions), Dr Strife finds the time to help the government and townsfolk with various “unique predicaments” that befall them, alongside:
-Lieutenant Morgana Charmeron, decorated soldier and old friend to Dr Strife
-Gate, a Warforged with mysterious shapeshifting abilities
-Ickthorpe the Stabby, kobold thief and expert in all things sneaky
-Clive Barkus, crack shot and the stealthiest elf west of the Feywild

Disaster Labs

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